Case Studies

The magic happens like this! These story boards depict the process with which our designs are created. First, we identify the scope of the Project. Next we identify any Challenges that will define our parameters. Following that is the Solution, or Design that will be implemented, and finally the Result or Finished Design.

Philharmonic House of Design – Media Room

The Project:  To take a room and make it multi-functional so that the children have a space in which to work on computers or do homework, and the family can gather together to watch their favorite movie or just simply relax and unwind at the end of a long day.

The Challenge:  Three walls of doors and windows and the entire remaining wall needed to house the desk spaces and media equipment left very little space for furniture placement.

The Solution:  We created two individual custom sectional chaise pieces that would allow many different combinations of gathering or relaxing with enough space for the family without having to block the doors into the room.

The Result:  Softly upholstered walls envelope the space not only with sound control but also a sense of coziness.  Display areas and carved elements provide an interesting and pleasing contrast to the media equipment.

Contemporary Media Design, Gayle Lee Designs
Contemporary Media Room Design, Gayle Lee Design

Tudor Style Kitchen

The Project:  To completely reconfigure a dated and dysfunctional kitchen into a space that is modern and efficient, yet consistent with the Tudor Styling of the rest of the home.

The Challenge:  Replace and relocate existing appliances and plumbing with modern commercial sized elements without allowing them to overwhelm the space.

The Solution:  To maximize the visual interest of the other elements such as the detailing in the cabinetry, different countertop materials and the custom backsplash design to create beauty that would draw attention away from the large but functional appliances.  We also raised the standard 8’ ceiling to increase the total volume of space.

The Result:  A bright, cheery space that is proportional with the modern conveniences yet stunning and inviting for both entertaining and family dining.

Philharmonic House of Design – Media Room


Higgins kitchen after


Tudor Style Master Bathroom

The Project:  To take a dated and dysfunctional bathroom and transform it into a grand and stylish Master Bathroom complete with Tudor elements of design.

The Challenge:  The original ceiling height was not consistent with the rest of the Master Suite and made the space feel extremely closed in.  The layout did not allow for a sense of luxury and spaciousness.

The Solution:  Raising the ceiling and continuing the exposed beam element from the bedroom area visually expanded the space and connected the room to the rest of the Master Suite.  Custom designed and crafted cabinetry increased the beauty of the space along with much needed storage.  A new layout created the space needed to give the room both volume and function.

The Result:  A beautiful Master Bathroom that provides every opportunity to relax and enjoy the pleasures of a sophisticated well thought out bathroom.

Higgins master bath after design
Higgins Master Bath Sink Details

Philharmonic House of Design – Loggia

The Project:  This outdoor space was an extension of the family/game room and even though it was open air, it needed to act and feel like indoor space consistent with the Spanish Revival architecture.

The Challenge:  To provide opportunities for gathering to watch a ball game on the flat screen or sit by the fireplace, feel the fresh air and enjoy the incredible views with the knowledge that all elements needed to withstand the weather.

The Solution:  The use of the best in outdoor furnishings and fabrics that would handle the weather but look and feel like indoor pieces.  We also used marine grade varnish on the custom designed and detailed mahogany mantle over the fireplace and the cabinetry that housed the pop-up flat screen.

The Result:  A room that draws people outside to take advantage of the open air space without sacrificing style and beauty.  It truly blurs the line between inside and outside spaces.

Loggia Room Design, Spanish Revival Detail
Philharmonic House of Design – Media Room

Philharmonic House of Design- Guest Suite

The Project:  To remodel and update the Guest Suite to create a space for visiting friends and family that allows relaxation, rejuvenation and privacy from the rest of the house.

The Challenge:  To make the space feel like a combination of staying in a 5 star hotel and yet be close and part of the host family.

The Solution:  Every detail, every fabric and every color used was intentionally selected to create a luxurious haven with the ability to allow guests to unwind and enjoy their stay.

The Result:  A true retreat with a serenity and calmness that we all need, especially while traveling.

Philharmonic House of Design – Media Room


Philharmonic House of Design guest suite bedroom after photo


Philharmonic House of Design 2016 bathroom before photo


Philharmonic House of Design Bathroom


Philharmonic House Of Design shower Detail
Philharmonic House of Design Bathroom
Philharmonic House Of Design shower Detail 2

Henderson, Nevada

The Project:  To engage the beauty and textures of the desert to blend this home with its surroundings.

The Challenge:  The colors and textures of the desert are typically cold and harsh and seemingly monochromatic.

The Solution:  To call upon the subtly of the desert pallet yet use it in a way that is soft, comforting and inviting.

The Result:  A completed project that is true to its desert location and therefore at home in its surroundings yet has the refinement and comfort necessary for a wonderfully captivating home.

Henderson Living Room Design
Henderson Living design Detail
Henderson Family Room Design
Henderson Bedroom Bed Frame

Hawaii – Black Sands Beach

The Project: To select every finish material being mindful and connected to the magical wonder of Hawaii.  To take a huge volume of space and create a feeling of intimacy and comfort while still allowing the entire home to be seen and experienced as a whole.

The Challenge:  All finishes needed to be magnificent in their own right yet at the same time blend and flow with the rest of the home so that one element does not overshadow another.  The individual spaces needed to be created within the context of the whole residence to allow for different activities and functions yet maintain consistency and connectedness to the entire residence.

The Solution:  Custom sizing all key pieces of furniture in the home was needed to align the proportion of the pieces to the overall volume of space without losing the human element of scale.  All finish elements chosen were carefully designed and crafted to reflect the Hawaiian heritage and lifestyle without competing with the beautiful surroundings.

The Result:  An amazing home that is at once immense and powerfully impressive, but yet personal and comfortable to be in.

Infinity Pool in Hawaii, Gayle Lee Design
Tropical Patio View In Lanai, Hawaii
Tropical Bathroom Design With View
Lanai View, Gayle Lee Design
Lanai Living room with tv
Tropical Bathroom Design With View
Tropical Master Bedroom Design
Lanai Bathroom Design, Gayle Lee Design
Lanai Billiards Room Design, Hawaii

Hawaii – Mauna Lani Point Estates

The Project:  Ground up design, selection of finish materials and a complete Interior Design package needed to create a spectacular Hawaiian residence.

The Challenge:  Exercising the ability of designing all architectural details in such a way that key elements would be translated into the furniture and accessories to create an entirely blended design.

The Solution:  Custom designing many elements of the architecture as well as many pieces of furniture allowed for a cohesive well thought out design.  The focus was on being one with nature and drawing from the beauty of the setting to enhance the livability within this home.

The Result:  An extraordinary residence with exquisite tropical architecture and the finest of finish materials and furnishings.

Mauna Lani Estate Living Room Design
Beach Patio View Design, Hawaii
Mauni Lani Estate Master Bedroom Design
Mauni Lani Dusk Rear Exterior

Philharmonic House of Design – La Maisonette

The Project:  To create a wonderful Guest Suite consistent with the French inspired architecture of the entire estate.

The Challenge:  To maintain the functionality of the guest suite to allow it to provide invited guests with the utmost in comfort and conveniences while creating a beautiful environment that is separate yet connected to the main residence.

The Solution:  A soft and inviting color palette coupled with touches of iconically French Countryside elements blend function with beauty; sophistication with comfort; and elegance with serenity.

The Result:  A perfect home away from home that beacons guests to relax and unwind.

French Provincial Styled Living Room Design With Fireplace
French Provincial Styled Design Living Room
French Provincial Bedroom Design Styles Design
French Provincial House Style Design

Napa Valley Estate

The Project:  Renovate the residence and provide a complete Interior Design package.

The Challenge:  Remaining true to the French Chateau inspired Architecture situated in the famous Napa Valley while combining modern day technology and conveniences.

The Solution:  Incorporate elements of French detailing in design elements, furnishings and finishes throughout with proper scale and proportion to the architecture along with the iconic Napa Valley vineyard touches such as the carved “wine story” panels in the wet bar depicting the history of wine making.

The Result:  A surprisingly warm and intimate home despite the grandeur and scale.  The perfect Napa Valley Estate!

French Chateaux Living Room Design
French rococo bedroom before photo

Before Shot-Guest Bedroom

French Chateaux Guest Bedroom

After Shot-Guest Bedroom

Powder Bath Before Photo

Before Shot-Powder Bath

The French Chateaux Style Powder Bath After Photo

After Shot-Powder Bath

French Style Master Bedroom Before Photo

Before Shot-Master Bedroom

French Chateaux Style Bedroom After Shot

After Shot-Master Bedroom

French Chateaux Style Bathtub Design
French Chateaux Style Dining Room Design
French Style Outdoor Patio Design
Custom Built In Wet Bar. Gayle Lee Designs
French Chateaux Vineyard House Design
Rear Exterior Shot Of French Style Vineyard Estates House

Kauai Home

The Project:  To take a completed set of plans that were not working for the Client and recreate the home’s layout, configuration, function and all of the finish materials.

The Challenge:  To stay within the footprint from the original plans but totally change everything about the home.

The Solution:  Getting to know my Client’s taste, lifestyle, family and yes some “quirky”, fun issues to insure that I would get it right.

The Result:  My Client has the home of her dreams.  It speaks her name in every room, and makes her vacation time blissfully happy and relaxing.

Nautical Living Room Design
Outdoor Lanai View Design, Gayle Lee Design
Master Bathroom Lanai Design
Lanai Backyard Tropical Design