Custom Built-In Cabinets

Wet Bar 

We had the unique opportunity to use an element of our design to pay homage to the history of wine making. This was for a Vineyard Chateaux that sat in the middle of the vineyard, so they wanted to pay homage to the land that they owned.  The layout was fairly straightforward.  Our advantage was the exceptional height of the ceiling in the room.  It soared over 30’.  In keeping the proportion of the piece relating to that height, we needed to add height to the wet bar; hence the elaborate light rails.  We had artisans add the fine detail on all of the columns of carved vines with fruit attached showing them “climbing” up the columns.  This carving was also used on the corbels under the counter top.  We added the same detail in the etching on the glass doors of the back upper cabinet.  The Piece De Resistance on this built-in:   The 7 carved story boards in the base cabinetry.  Each shows a different part of the process and l together they tell the story of how wine was made.  The detail is unreal.

Custom Built In Wet Bar. Gayle Lee Designs


Master Bathroom “Bamboo” Stalk Inspired Vanity

This bathroom is an actual inside/outside space with an open shower and a lot of foliage outside in an enclosed lava rock garden.  I wanted to bring something (other than actual plant material) into the interior space to help with the connection.  I called upon an extremely talented woodworker and asked him to hand carve the edges of the cabinetry to replicate the segments or sections of a stalk of bamboo.  We used zebra wood for its straight grain.  The results were subtle so as not to compete with everything else going on in that bathroom, yet so unique and well executed that the clients were thrilled.

Custom Built In Bathroom Vanity
Custom Built In Bathroom Vanity