French Style Design

French Provincial / French Country Style

This style is mostly influenced by the homes in the South of France.  Homes in this French Country Style are a mix of rustic elements and elegant details.  Floors are typically dark wood, walls are a textured plaster and exposed wooden ceiling and beams are common.

A warm color palette, timeless furnishings and overall elements allow this style to feel chic and elegant, but at the same time, it’s not overdone or unlivable.  This French interior design style strikes that ideal balance between intricate details and high-end style with casual effortlessness.

There are hints of the rustic in the warm color palette with cooler pops of blue.  This style uses natural materials like carved wood, linen and wool and is decidedly unfussy and unpretentious. There is an appreciation for the details and the finer elements of furniture and accessories.

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French Chateaux

French Chateaux Style is characterized by elaborate ornamentation, asymmetrical values, pastel color palette and curved or serpentine lines.  Interiors are light, airy and whimsical.  They feature exuberant decoration, which an abundance of curves, counter-curves, undulations and elements modeled in nature.  Grand staircases become centerpieces and offer different points of view of the decoration.

Most of the original Chateaux buildings were country palaces and private homes of French nobility.  They signified the light-heartedness of the elegant upper-class life.

In today’s modern take on this 17th century style, this Chateaux is all about glamour and indulgence, yet not far from comfort and playfulness.

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