Custom Furniture

Custom Dining Table & Chairs

This massive custom-designed, live-edged Dining Table was hand-planed and finished using the last 2 slabs from the oldest monkey pod tree on the Island of Hawaii.  The table measures 5′ x 12′. For the custom-designed Dining Chairs, we hand sketched 8 different quintessential tropical leaf shapes and commissioned a local artisan to hand carve each of the different leaf designs into the dining chairs.

Tropical Designed Custom Table, Gayle Lee Designs
Custom furniture Carved Back Dining Chairs

Clothing Armoire/Interior Cabinet

This piece was custom designed and custom crafted to use in an artist’s studio for the occasional guest. The front door panels are hand-hammered copper to match the copper hardware.

Entry Bench

This piece was custom designed to flank a large opening out to a Koi pond. The seats were amazingly comfortable without the use of cushions and the overall size and design did not impede on the traffic pattern while providing seating for 6 people. We had 2 separate benches made.

Chaise & Ottoman

These pieces were custom designed and made to compliment a curved king bed in a tropical master bedroom. We maintained the same arc/curve as the bed frame for a consistent look.

Fan Credenza

This piece is a celebration of all of the exotic wood species that are native to Hawaii in one stunning piece. The various accent woods were inlaid.

Zebra Desk & Chair

We had a small space in a master bedroom that needed to accommodate a desk and chair. Since that wall housed the large window opening with an ocean view, I wanted these pieces to be very stylized and decorative without being heavy so as to not to block the view.