New Construction & Remodeling

While many people believe Interior Designers have a single-minded skill-set that revolves around making things pretty – In my opinion, they are sorely wrong.  Experienced, educated and well versed in Residential Construction, the key roles that Designers play, look something like this:

  • Interior Designers are professionally trained in space planning for all types of buildings and styles.
  • After consultation with clients, they create renderings/drawings/perspective drawings and other communication tools in order for the client to fully understand the design, but also to communicate the details of all segments of the design that become the working drawings for contractors, tradespeople and artisans.

Interior Designers are certainly the ones to hire if you crave a beautiful space, but their skills go way beyond beauty.  Most professional Interior Designers have received education and training in the fields of Architecture, Design, Construction, Building Codes and Sustainability.

Here is an example of a room that has been captured in various states of the construction process.  My role of all such design is to carry the approved design clear through from breaking ground to installing all of the art and accessories.

New Construction Drawing by Gayle Lee
Construction On bathroom
Construction On Bathroom Project
Bathroom Construction
Construction On Bathroom Complete Design By Gayle Lee